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Introducing my new photo blog

By | Emanuele, Life, Travel Photography | One Comment

Greetings all – If you follow me on social networks, then you probably already know the news. I recently launched my new photo blog – It was about time that I revamped my online presence, and creating a self-branded photography based blog was part of my revamp strategy.

Romana and I will keep posting about our travel related stuff here, but only when there’s something worth sharing. On the other hand, all the photography related content will, from now on, be published on the new blog only.



Links here:

Photography Portfolios: http://www.emanuelesiracusa.com/

Photo Blog: http://blog.emanuelesiracusa.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/emanuelesiracusaphotographer

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Esiracusaphotos

Instagram: http://instagram.com/esiracusaimages

I also have a newsletter on the new blog. Make sure you subscribe if you want to get posts, updates and photography tips right in your inbox! To subscribe enter your email in the form below. If you’re reading this in your email inbox, you may not see the form. In that case, click here.

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See you on the new blog!



The Portuguese Travel Cookbook

By | Emanuele, Places, Portugal, Travel Notes, Travel Photography | No Comments

I haven’t made a post in the last couple of months. Part of the reason is that I got increasingly bored with normal blog themes as platforms for visual storytelling (if you follow my blog you know I mostly post photo series). But recently I came across Exposure and loved it. So, because it was about time I posted some updates about my latest work I created a free Exposure account and made a photo series there, rather than on this blog.

The photo post is about my work with writer and blogger Nelson Carvalheiro as part of the Portuguese Travel Cookbook project, and the three week trip which saw us touching all 4 corners of Portugal, photographing people, landscapes and food, and, of course, eating a lot.

Check the post here – The Portuguese Travel Cookbook (Feedback welcome as usual)


Porto - Sao Joao 2014

São João’s night: Getting hammered in a partying Porto

By | Emanuele, Places, Portugal, Travel Notes, Travel Photography | 7 Comments

Although the main reason for my recent trip to Porto was my Tascas project – a documentary photography project about traditional taverns in Portugal – I happened to plan things in order for me to be able to stay until after São João’s night. São João is part of the so called Santos Populares (=Popular Saints) along with Santo Antonio and São Pedro. The Popular Saints are celebrated in June, more or less everywhere in the country, with festivals, fairs, cultural and folklore events, and parades. Read More

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