Understanding Photographic Post-Processing: The EyeVoyage video series

Post-processing is a tricky and sometimes controversial part of the photographic process. While different photographers in different fields have different ideas on what is acceptable or not, it seems to me that there is a general agreement that post-processing should be thought of as a means of refining your images in a way that reflects how you saw the scene you photographed and (or) how you felt about it.

Although photographers shouldn’t over-rely on post-processing – after all post-processing can’t turn a bad image into a good one – clicking the shutter is just half the job. Our cameras are way less powerful than our brain and eyes, and scenes we’ve just photographed, no matter how great, rarely translate into their full potential until they’re skilfully post-processed.

New photo gallery: Kerala – A trip to God’s own country

Just a quick post to share a new photo gallery I published on my photography website at emanuelesiracusa.com a few days ago – those who follow my Facebook page may have already seen the gallery. But here it is, in case you missed it.

Most photos in the gallery were already shared within my previous posts, so if you’ve seen those posts, here’s a bit of a déjà vu :)

Kerala Blog Express – Looking back at the last week

The Kerala Blog Express trip wrapped up a few days ago and I’m now writing from Portugal, where I re-united with Romana and little Diego. The last leg of our Kerala road trip has seen us covering part of the districts of Thrissur, Wayanad, Calicut and Kochi. The highlights include having visited Kerala Kalamandalam, having eaten a real Kerala Sadya with my fingers (thanks Tarun for teaching me :) ), having met and photographed an elderly tribal chief, having watched a Theyyam performance and a Kalaripayattu demonstration, and having been able to spend some time photographing the streets of Fort Cochin and Mattancherry.