Our itinerary around the world

Many people asked us what destinations will we hit on our trip around the world. While that is not an easy question to answer at this stage (we are just at the beginning of our trip), the only things we are actually certain about are the stops of our Round the World (RTW) ticket.

What is a RTW ticket?

A RTW ticket is a type of multi-destination ticket that enables you to, well… fly around the world for a relatively low price.

Buying a RTW ticket is a popular choice among people who decide to embark in a long term travel experience. However some travellers prefer to buy individual tickets as they go, and by taking advantage of offers and low cost airlines when possible, they manage to keep their travel budget low anyway.

When you buy a RTW ticket you basically decide how many and which stops you want to include – but no matter where you’re going to stop, your trip has to finish where it started and in most cases it has to go on a circle around the globe. Different RTW tickets come with different terms and conditions though, therefore you have a wide range of options to choose from.

We bought a RTW ticket with Round the World Experts, but there are many providers to consider if you’re thinking of setting off on a journey around the world – just google RTW or some similar keyword and you’ll find plenty of options. Our choice was based on the fact that Round the World Experts allow you to change your flight dates at no additional charge. Also their price, overall, was very competitive.

Our RTW itinerary

This is our travel schedule for now, but as I said we don’t know yet for sure what we’re going to do between stops.

  1. November 1st, flying from London to Delhi (arriving onย  November 2nd)
  2. December 15th, flying from Mumbay to Singapore
  3. December 16th, flying from Singapore to Bangkok
  4. Marchย  31st, flying from Bali, Indonesia to Sydney, Australia (arriving on April 1st)
  5. May 18th, flying from Melbourne, Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand
  6. June 8th, flying from Auckland, New Zealand to Nadi, Fiji
  7. June 30th, flying from Nadi, Fiji to Los Angeles, California
  8. July 15th, flying from San Francisco, California back to London

Romana made a map that includes both the stops as in our travel schedule above and some of the places we would like to visit. You can see this map by clicking here.

As you can see we are planning to spend a bit more time in India and South East Asia than in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and California. This is due to two main reasons: budget (travelling in Asia is quite cheap if you think in terms of euros or dollars), and our interest in Asian cultures.

This is our plan for now, but considering that our ticket allows for some flexibility at no extra charge, things could change as we travel.

  • Jennie

    You arrive in Oz on my Birthday!! Hope to see you both while you are here!! xo

  • Emanuele

    Cool! I’m sure we will meet. We’re looking forward to seeing you too ๐Ÿ™‚
    We’ll keep in touch!

  • what a wonderful itinerary – I feel very jealous!

    • Romana

      Thanks Alastair! I’m sure you have traveled more than that, so WE are actually jealous of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elena Romanzin

    Guys, this is a great project! If you need tips about NZ just ask, I spent there a month last year and would be happy to share any information.
    Happy new year! Boa sorte para todos.

    • Emanuele

      Thanks Elena! Definitely we’ll ask you for tips about NZ soon, as it is the country we know the least at this stage, among the ones we’ll visit ๐Ÿ™‚ Please keep in touch!