Six things you should do in Jodhpur

Jodhpur was the second city we visited. After three days in Delhi, Jodhpur looked like heaven. We had a great time there, and great contact with the locals, as well as with fellow travellers. See our other posts on Jodhpur:

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Here is a list of things we loved and we think you should try and do if you’re visiting the Blue City.

1. See the Mehrangarh fort – this is a magnificent structure that dominates the city from the top of a hill. The mahraja of Jodhpur still lives in this fort, even though mahrajas haven’t got any power left nowadays. Taking the audio tour or hiring a guide is highly recommended to make the most of this experience. Also you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city and you’ll understand why Jodhpur is called the blue city.

2. Visit the markets in the old city. The Sadar market, near the clock tower, with its mixes of spices, clothes and various crafts is a good place for a stroll. Enjoy the colours and the mixed smells. One thing has to be said, though. This market is mainly aimed at tourists so you may find higher prices and a higher number of touts than everywhere else, so you may want to explore the other adjacent other markets as well.

3. Try the omelette man near the clocktower. This guy makes delicious omelettes, and because it’s been recommended by Lonely Planet and many other international publications (including a Portuguese newspaper), it’s no surprise that many travellers end up giving the omelette man a go.

4. Try the pure vegetarian Brahmin cuisine at cosy guesthouse, in its wonderful rooftop scenery, while you chat with other friendly travellers visiting India.

5. Enjoy people’s curiosity and friendliness. Jodhpur is not a scam city – while it is advisable that you keep your eyes open within reasonable limits, being paranoid here is not good and if you do become paranoid you’ll miss out on connecting with the locals. Just have a walk with a camera on your shoulders and be everybody’s best friend. Allow curious children to hijack you into Hindu temples and markets. Take pictures of people and let people take pictures of you.

6. Take the Bishnoi village jeep safari. This safari can be arranged through your guesthouse or hotel, or through some tourist centres in town. Depending on the provider you choose this tour will set you back 500-600 rupees. The tour is very interesting and will give you plenty of photographic opportunities.

Has anyone been to Jodhpur? Any other things you want to recommend and add to the list? If so please leave us a comment.