Picturesque Mui Ne, Vietnam’s own Sahara

Soon after Saigon we moved to Mui Ne. Having heard that Mui Ne is a typical resort location, popular with beach-holiday goers buying all-inclusive type of packages, we were initially undecided whether it was worth to go or not… but we decided we’d go after seeing some pictures of its surroundings. Basically the main attractions in Mui Ne are the sand dunes, a miniature version of a sand desert – there are two separate sand dune sites, one with white sand and the other one with red sand. There is also a fishing village, which is popular with photographers, and a stream called Fairy Stream, surrounded by red and white rocks.

We wanted to see all these places so we hired a driver through our hotel and we agreed that he’d pick us up at 4.30am. Very early, but we wanted to have advantage over other tourists 🙂

And fortunately when we arrived at the white sand dunes, we were rewarded with being the only people there, while the sun was slowly rising and the sky was getting bluer and bluer…

But wait – no more than 30 minutes later hordes of Japanese tourists literally invaded the place and broke the magic, romantic atmosphere.

After the white sand dunes we moved to the red sand dunes and finally to the fishing village and the Fairy Stream. Because the fishing village was so picturesque, and of course closer and more accessible than the sand dunes, in the afternoon we hired a bike and cycled there again to see the sunset.

Well, I’ll leave it to the pictures to show you the beauty of the place. I hope you enjoy them.

Remember to click the pictures to enlarge them and see them as a slideshow.

  • leemee

    Romana….dammm nice shooting…god…so nice !!

    • Romana

      Thanks Lee Mee! Mui Ne is a very photogenic place 🙂 Next time you go to Vietnam you should explore the south