The work behind award-winning travel photographs: New eBook

Travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich recently released his new eBook “Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe” with the guys at Light Stalking. I’ve been following Mitchell over the last few years and I also got to spend some time with him a few months ago when Romana and I visited Sydney as part of our around the world trip.

Mitchell is a professional travel photographer and you should check his website and his amazing galleries here.


When I look at Mitchell’s work I’m stunned by the depth, the uniqueness and the intensity of his images, and I’m not surprised that his work ended up on many publishing outlets and won several awards. But how do Mitchell’s pictures achieve such depth and intensity? What is the mental and technical process behind his great travel photos?

In this eBook Mitchell takes 10 images from his award-winning Rabari project (see Mitchell’s Rabari Gallery) and gives a pretty detailed description of:

  • equipment and settings used
  • the reason why each image was shot the way it was, including information about composition, pose and light
  • the biggest challenges encountered while shooting each image and what was done to overcome them
  • what post-processing work was done
  • take-away points and lessons learned

Overall, there’s a lot to learn from these practical travel photography case studies, and if you haven’t bought yourself any Christmas present yet, then buy your copy of Rabari – Encounters With the Nomadic Tribe now – you’ve been a good person throughout the year, you know you deserve it! 🙂

Disclosure: If you buy the eBook from the links I provided in this post I will earn a commission from Light Stalking. Earning commissions helps me run the blog. However if that bothers you, please proceed to Light Stalking and buy the book directly from there. The opinions I express in this post are entirely mine and I would never promote something I don’t like.