A quick note about our online fundraiser

I’m making this short post for those who don’t follow our Facebook page. In September thieves broke into our home and stole our photography gear, our laptops and the hard drives where our photos from around the world were stored.

The hit was pretty bad and it took us some time before we got to accept that we don’t have a camera and a travel photography portfolio anymore.

It became increasingly clear that dwelling on the problem wouldn’t help us to get back on our feet and start shooting again, so we decided to take action and, among other things, we started a fundraiser to try and recover some of the cost of buying new cameras and lenses – you can see our campaign here:

The Siracusas’ Stolen Cameras Replacement Fund

The results were amazing: in just one week we’ve raised $1490 (about 50% of our funding goal) and gone beyond any expectations. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS!

Tomorrow we’re going to print a first batch of photos for those contributors who selected a perk, and will send the prints right after.

In brief – How you can support us

  • Christmas is not that far – Would a high quality travel photography print be an original enough gift idea? If so, you could get one or more prints with a contribution to our campaign (see details on the campaign page here)
  • Would you share our campaign with your networks and ask your contacts if they don’t mind giving us a hand (i.e. contributing and sharing)?
  • Are you a photography enthusiast? Check our collection of instructional eBooks about photography and if you like any in particular, purchase it using our affiliate link. We will earn a commission and you’ll get some great tools to improve your photography.
  • Would you have some freelance job for us that we can do remotely? Any extra income we can earn is a blessing
  • Are you able to help us buy photography gear at a discounted price? Then we’d love to hear from you

Thanks for reading and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any feedback, questions or funding ideas.