Looking at an exciting 2013

Our fundraising campaign came to an end. Thanks to your donations we’ve been able to raise $3,072 against our goal of $3,000. In addition to that we’ve also received some contributions offline, plus a friend I helped financially a couple of years ago, came back to me with the same amount of money I loaned him when he was in difficulty – We don’t have words to describe how grateful we are for your awesome support. We really owe you a lot – once more THANK YOU!

I’ve already used part of the funds (and part of my savings, plus other donations) to purchase some gear, and I’m going to start shooting again very soon. When the rest of the funds will be released I will buy another couple of pieces of equipment and I should be fine for quite a while.

Although I like to live here, Siracusa never really appealed to me photographically (perhaps because it’s where I was born and raised), so I’m seriously looking forward to getting out of here with the new camera and start building a new travel photography portfolio from scratch. Fortunately we have this location independent job which makes our semi-nomadic lifestyle possible, so we can actually choose where we want to live and for how long before moving somewhere else.

In fact we’re quite excited that we’re moving to Portugal in less than a couple of weeks 🙂 The plan is to spend Christmas with the in-laws and subsequently rent an apartment somewhere in Lisbon downtown. I have some ideas as to what I want to shoot while there and I made a commitment to treat these ideas as a self assignment. Hopefully by the end of my stay in Portugal I’ll have some decent photo essay for magazine submissions, contests or perhaps exhibitions.

We’re also thinking of moving to South East Asia in February or March, but we’re still undecided as to whether we’ should go to Bali or Thailand – both places provide the right mix of traditions and modernity, and both offer easy access to photogenic material for my portfolio, so it’s not an easy choice (maybe we go to both?) In any case, we should be back in Siracusa in the summer. Or at least that’s the idea right now.

Well, an exciting 2013 is ahead of us and hopefully the Maya were wrong about the end of the world on the 21st of December 🙂 Once again, thanks for helping us go through these tough times. Now we’ve got to go and look for camera insurance and reliable off site back-up solutions.