My focus for 2014

Although I can’t say that 2013 was a bad year for us – in fact during the year we have achieved many of the things we’d wished for – when I look back I’m still reluctant to call it a good year. As we began living a semi-nomadic lifestyle, we certainly enjoyed many rewards, but a number of challenges also awaited us along the way. Some of these challenges were so intense that I wasn’t always able to handle them, and in more than one occasion I let myself slip into a negative state of mind. I won’t go into detail, but the good thing is I (we) became stronger and learned some important lessons too.

But I’d rather leave 2013 behind and look ahead. So, here’s a little list of things I want to focus on in the next year, and I hope I can look back at the list one year from now and happily count my achievements 🙂

Me – I realised that I tend to push myself too hard but dedicate too little time to myself. So while I’ll keep working hard I will also make an effort to recognise when it’s time to stop and recharge my batteries. I will make time for the things I love – writing, reading, going to the movies, pampering myself, laughing a lot and relaxing. Looks like I’ve already started with the writing part (hey, here’s a blog post I’m writing), I also bought a book and I’m looking forward to finishing it. Because I’m in Thailand I’ll definitely go for lots of Thai massage while I can. Oh, and I will also start pilates, because my good friend Denise will begin giving classes soon. 

Blogging – in 2013 I barely touched the blog. During the whole year I’ve only written one blog post. Not good at all – I do love my blog and I want to take it in my hands again so expect more posts from me from now on

Travelling – Travelling is my fuel and this year I’m hoping to take some great, exciting trips. But because travelling also is an expense, the main challenge here will be managing our finances to maximise our capacity for travel. Our current travel plans include going to Bali for Diego’s second birthday, while we’re based in Thailand, and exploring extensively the north of Portugal when we will be based there (most likely in the summer).

Photography – I’m not a photographer and I’m not planning to become one. But I have a very talented husband with an enormous passion for photography and it’s time for me kick his butt and help him to become the professional photographer he wants to be. We have a few photography projects in mind where I can help him, so we just need enough focus to make them all happen.

Meaning & Purpose – My husband’s passion is photography, my brother’s is agriculture, my mother’s is gardening. Most people I know are passionate about something. May I discover my passion and build something upon it within the end of the year!

I think we started the year with the right foot, although, it has to be said, Emanuele was in the toilet when the clock ticked midnight, because the beer demanded to be expelled from his body with a certain urgency 😛 – but apart from that, we spent an amazing NYE with our Thai friend Ratana, and her lovely family and friends. Hopefully the rest of the year will be amazing too.

What about you? How was your New Years Eve? Do you have big plans for 2014? Things you want to focus on?