A bit of background

Romana Pereira (Portuguese) and Emanuele Siracusa (Italian) used to live in Ireland as expats and mid-career professionals. They didn’t know each other, but one day Romana called Emanuele about a flat-share ad he’d put online – so Romana and Emanuele met, became flatmates, friends, and finally lovers. Eventually they got married and became the Siracusas.

At some stage Romana and Emanuele felt it was time for them to move on from their Dublin office-life and in November 2010, after exchanging their cold, corporate desk for a backpack, they took an extended trip around the world. While on the road they started this blog to share their travel and life experiences and photos with their families, their friends and whoever was interested in keeping up with their adventures.

During the last part of the trip, little Diego joined them, but they only found that out a few weeks later, because Diego was hiding in Romana’s belly…

Seeing the sunrise at the white sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam.
Seeing the sunrise at the white sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

Both the around the world trip and the parenthood changed our lives significantly, pushing us with renewed energy in the direction of the location-independent lifestyle we always wished for.

As passionate lifelong learners and independent-minded travellers, we live to satisfy our curiosity about the world, its people, its cultures and traditions. Travel is for us a source of continuous inspiration and it provides us with many opportunities to put ourselves and our values in perspective.

With our photography we strive to capture, document and share the interestingness, and sometimes the beauty, we come across every day. Whether we’re shooting people performing traditional religious rituals, a beach resort’s seafront villas, urban architecture, or street scenes, our main aim is to convey a sense of place and a story that reveals something about our subjects.

About Emanuele

Emanuele is from Sicily and has a passion for aubergines. His own mission is to educate people from all over the world on how to make the most out of this glorious vegetable (i.e. making caponata, parmigiana siciliana, pasta alla norma, etc.). He loves languages and thrives in multicultural environments. Emanuele worked for several multinational companies as a trainer and an instructional designer. He has been described as an outgoing, self-motivated, creative individual. He is responsible for most of the photos appearing on this website, although all the photos on TheSiracusas.com are the outcome of a creative process involving inputs from Romana too. Some of Emanuele’s photos are represented by stock agencies like Getty Images and National Geographic Creative, and have been featured in websites, brochures and magazines.

About Romana

Romana comes from the north of the Lisbon’s province. She dreamed of exploring the world since she was a child, however it took her 23 years before she actually crossed the boundaries of her country for the first time. Funny enough, her first trip abroad was to Italy, a country she felt particularly attracted to – at that time she couldn’t imagine she would end up marrying an Italian. In her last job before the around the world trip, Romana was leading a multicultural customer service team for a global brand. Romana’s friends say she’s as strong and determined as she is sweet and caring. Apart from Portuguese and Italian food, Romana loves Asian food and doesn’t mind a good sushi from time to time.

  • Emma

    Amazing blog guys, a pure piece of art. You both look gorgeous.. A special congratulations from the bottom of my heart for the future arrival of little Diego 🙂


  • Emma

    Sorry, i shold have said: welcome to baby siracusa 🙂

    • Thank you Emma, nice to ‘see’ you here 🙂 Hope you’re doing great, wherever in the world you are!

  • Emma

    Ur welcome! I really enjoy reading your blog guys. And the pics are so beautiful… Getting into photography myself i feel this is the blog to learn from!
    Im good, in sydney almost a year now and staying a bit longer than planned all good. Travelling as much as i can…
    Big hug to you and Romana and a big kiss to little Diego

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