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Kerala: Making the most of Kochi

High on the list of my favourite places to visit in India, and a very popular tourist destination with those who visit Kerala, Kochi is a wonderful blend of tropical, south Indian atmospheres and European colonial heritage (ie. Portuguese, Dutch and British).

Being so rich in history and having lots to offer, there are quite a few sights to take in. But history ain’t the only thing – with the Kochi-Muziris biennale which launched in 2012, the city is developing an intriguing arty spin. As my friend Vijay puts itit may not be a Berlin or a London yet but it is getting there”.

So if you want to visit Kochi and make the most of it, why not spend a few more days there and give yourself enough time to make it justice?

How to Organize a Perfect Euro Trip for Budget Travellers

The Internet is Your Best Friend

Research is the best way to prepare for any Euro Trip. Knowing where you’re going, what you want to see and most importantly how much it is going to cost you will make your trip will that much smoother. The internet is full of student travellers and bloggers equally interested in seeing all that Europe has to offer for as cheap as possible. You’ll find that many museums have days and times when they offer free admission and if not it is well worth checking for a student price. An ISIC card will give you student prices for anything from museums to hostels to trains and ferry tickets.

Hoi An: Photos & travel tips

Hoi An has seen a huge development in the last 15 to 20 years. This little colonial town in central Vietnam is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the richest and most visited destinations in the country. However, despite the tourism, Hoi An still manages to keep its interest, charm, beauty and traditions intact. We visited Hoi An after our three day trip with the Da Lat Easy Riders, and a short stay in Nha Trang, and stayed in Hoi An for 11 days – the single longest stay within our trip.

One of the Chinese temples in Hoi An